On Sundays we gather together to worship King Jesus, our heavenly Father.  As we gather it is a time to encourage one another, to sing songs of praise unto our Lord and Saviour, study his word, break bread, pray, give  with a heart of thanksgiving.  Children's church is available for children ages 4 to 16.   

Monthly Sunday Schedule

1st Sunday - Holy Communion

2nd Sunday - Casual Sunday

3rd Sunday  - Baby Dedications

4th Sunday -

5th Sunday - African Attire Sunday

Our monday schedule is not strict or one to be abided by it gives our visitors and members a look at how what happens each Sunday. Our sanctuary is located  in Duffs Bottom, Tortola VG1110 at 10am and 7pm* (*every fourth Sunday)


New Life Baptist Church gathers to worship the resurrected Christ on Sundays as one family.

When you arrive, you will see a book table, information center. Before service begins we have music playing in the background and we invite you get to know some of the people and familiarize yourself with our facility. There are bathrooms, and Sunday school for the young kids at our 10am service (we currently do not offer Sunday school or child care during our 7pm service).

We begin our service with a call to worship. All of our lives are worship and Sunday morning service is a special time of worship together as God’s people.

We use a mix of ancient hymns, current songs, and instrumental creations. We sing in response to God. Who he is and what he has done is his grace in our lives and it propels us to worship.

The time when we study the Bible is an important portion when one of the pastors of the church preach a sermon. The Pastors are committed to treating the Bible with respect by reading within its literary and historical context, attempting to understand the author’s intent, dealing with the specific words, and by addressing how culture and our lives are related to the gospel it heralds.

There are a few different stations for giving where we worship God out of our earnings. It is not a payment nor a gimmick, but a joy and responsibility for those who consider New Life Baptist Church their church. The money given goes to sustain and spread the mission of New Life Baptist Church in the Virgin Islands and beyond. Giving is also available online by clicking on the donate button below.