Founder and visionary, Bishop John I. Cline, firmly believes that as children of the living God, we must impact the world, not just spiritually but socially and mentally as well. Passionate about this vision, in the year 1999, the idea of a New Life Day Care Centre was downloaded to him. The main focus was to ensure that children in the BVI community were receiving education in biblical teachings as well in their academic journey. Hence, in 2000, a building was constructed and dedicated, to house the New Life Day Care Centre. The day care opened its doors in September 2000 with 5 children and 3 teachers. The centre subsequently expanded to include a pre-school, a year later in 2001.

As a church-sponsored, private early childhood centre, our primary aim is to extend the influence of Christian teaching into our community and help to raise a generation that models the character of Christ. We believe in educating and training young men and women to have a heart for God and a mind to embrace truth.

Our steadfast mission is to facilitate and foster the best academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth and development in young children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Philosophy

  • develop a love for people and their community, as well as globally
  • develop positive feelings of self-worth and inner strength
  • interact with others while respecting their rights and feelings
  • solve problems and resolve conflicts by expressing their feelings in appropriate ways
  • utilize core values for their growth towards physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity

Our curriculum focuses on exploration, discovery and exciting adventures which give each child an opportunity to acquire mathematical, logical, musical, artistic, communicative and social skills and an appreciation for God and his creation. We provide all of our children with daily devotion time which includes prayer, Bible stories and songs.  

The centre is geared towards children from 3 months to 7 years old. It adopts the English education system and thereby provides education and instruction for pre-primary aged students up to Stage II. The population of the Day Care and Learning Centre to date is about 105 students. Our staff consists of 9 teachers and numerous volunteers. We look forward to seeing this initiative continue to grow as we endeavor to holistically develop the next generation to impact their communities.