2019 is the 'Year of The Gathering' at NLBC and this year we have been intentional as the body of Christ to minister outside the walls of our church as we continue to do God's will and impact our community.

Under the theme, 'A Healthy Family : Spirit, Body & Mind' our intent is ensure that each person we reach is whole, healthy and saved. Each night we will hosts a health series so that the community can learn about health benefits for a healthy body, we will be offering prayer and personal ministry for a healthy mind and the preached word will come via our guest pastor Bishop Herro Blair of Jamaica, ensuring a healthy spirit.

Tell a friend to bring a friend. We are offering children's church services with fun biblical games, bible lesson TV series and snacks as well as providing ministry in various forms (via dance, song, skit). You don't want to miss what is expected to be an different experience as we not only pour into to your spirit man but into your whole being.

When: 7 - 12 July 2019
Time: 7pm - 9pm nightly
Where: Althea Scatliffe School Grounds