“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’” Job 37:5-6 (NIV)

What a liberating scripture! Nature makes for fascinating life lessons. Looking at the commitment with which the Lion commands his domain or the remarkable discipline of birds flying in distinct intentional formations to get to their destination and all the other wonders of nature, always fascinates the student. It’s amazing that the spider never tries to swim nor does the fish try to weave a web. A web is as foreign to a fish as swimming is to a spider. Looking at this kingdom, one will quickly learn that there is no struggle for identity. There is no struggle to become. Their identity is built in and they become what they were born to be.

The scripture in Job is a soothing sound of the voice of God speaking to His creation to be what He created it to be. What about you? Have you ever thought of who you are and who you will progressively become? Life’s journey leads you to discoveries including those of the identity in you. So many times, who you are may be covered under layers of expectations and masks that have so distorted the true you.  Who would you find if you were to peel back the many layers and versions of you? Are you a fish trying to build a web or a spider trying to swim? Are you trying to fit into a mold that looks like it may fit you better? Ask the spider and the fish, they will tell you that the secret to become is to be. God will never ask you to become what He didn’t create you to be.

To become is to allow the natural flow of your creator to express itself through you.

Like He said to the rain shower, be a mighty downpour, also He has given that command to you, to be. To become is to give back to this earth the beautiful person whom you feel you were uniquely created to be. To become is to allow whatever God has placed in you the ability to flow naturally out of you. It is the expression of Him in you. It is the expression of you becoming you.  It is to find and reunite with the inner peace, beauty and sense of purpose you feel when you are you.

Take some time today to meditate and connect with you. Then take the bold necessary steps to become. You are a beautiful gift and you have been chosen to share the gift of who you are with this world. Share the gift. The world needs it. Be you and enjoy the journey and processes involved as you continuously become.

Prayer: Father I thank you for in your wisdom you uniquely created me. You are aware of my potential, dreams and desires. You know whom I must become. Father, help me on this journey as I fulfil the purpose and plan you have specially designed for me to become, in Jesus’ name. Amen.