“New Life Correctional Fellowship Ministry (CFM) seeks to restore those incarcerated by introducing the prisoners to new beginnings, new purpose and a new life available through Jesus Christ. Our objective is to reduce the rate of offenders, aid in rehabilitation of prisoners, assist families that have members in prison and aid in prevention of incarceration. We perform our prison outreach on the last Saturday of each month where we have fellowship with the prisoners, assist in the provision of the basic needs of those who require assistance and provide a sense of belonging by having a celebration with those prisoners who make birthday each month. Our Ministry is focused on four particular areas: –

  1. Ministry to Families with persons in prison. We provide families with assistance, support and continued family relations when the bread winners of the families become imprisoned. Our aim is to foster the relationships between prisoners and their families, help families of prisoners with basic daily needs and support families with a view to prevent other members from becoming imprisoned.
  2. Prevention of incarceration. We teach the core values such as respect integrity, discipline, excellence and service which has been implemented in the schools as a preventative measure and we now wish to introduce into the prisoners part of the rehabilitation process. The core value teachings aim to promote respect for self and others, transform minds from negative thoughts and actions, teach and implement life skills for success, help develop good habits and virtues and promote that change requires effort.
  3. Prison outreach: We do monthly prison visits and our goal is that we create changes in the lives of prisoners by way of educational and spiritual with life skills lessons in an effort to reduce the rate of repeat offenders. We engage and educate prisoners spiritually through the Arts.
  4. Integration into society/rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide ex-prisoners with the support and assistance that they need to re-enter society and become productive citizens. We Provide assistance to those who find it difficult to get support, help rebuild family relations; promote awareness of the needs of released prisoners; and provide spiritual development.”

If you would like help the Prisoners know that they are all loved by God and let them know they are worthy of attention contact the New Life Baptist Church for more information.